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Metal Stress Relieving

Metal stress relieving
In the process of manufacturing metal parts, a certain amount of stress will inevitably be induced in parts. Stresses can be caused by several factors such as: welding, casting, quenching, machining, normalizing, hot rolling, drilling, or any process that moves metal.

Metal stress relieving is a process that reduces internal residual stresses in metal objects by heating the metal object to a suitable temperature and holding the temperature long enough to reduce residual stresses. Parts are then removed from furnace and cooled slowly in still air.

This process of metal stress relieving is used to avoid distortion, stress corrosion cracking, and high initial stresses which can be critical in service and may cause general instability and cracking in the part.

Typically, the parts that benefit from this process are large and complex weldments, machined parts, and parts with tight dimensional tolerances.

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