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Heat Treating Services

heat treating services

Steelwind Industries offers a broad range of heat treating services.

From standard steel heat treating to normalizing, annealing, quenching, tempering and stress relieving. We offer certified heat treat ovens ranging from 150,000 pound – 1 million pound capacities and 1600 – 2200 degree temperature capabilities.

All of our furnaces offer fully programmable controls and digital chart recorders equipped for up to 32 thermocouples. Furnace controls are independently certified quarterly. All of our furnace interiors are surveyed every 6 months for temperature uniformity. This allows us to meet the strict requirements of our customers’ heat treating needs. Furnace chart documentation is available to customers electronically to ensure compliance with all your quality needs.

In addition, Steelwind also offers certified and documented hardness testing and lab testing services as well as a certified metallurgist on staff. We take pride in our reputation for providing the highest quality heat treated products and services in the industry. Whether or not you know exactly what you need, be assured that Steelwind has the team, knowledge, and facilities to satisfy your requirements and heat treating services needs!

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SteelWind Industries is AISC Certified; IAS Accredited; NACE Certified Inspectors; AWS Certified Inspectors and ISO 9001 Compliant

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