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Abrasive Sandblasting


Steelwind Industries offers over 30 years of experience involving abrasive sandblasting services.

One of our most common methods for removing heavy rust and de-scaling material commonly found on machined components is steel grit blasting because if its aggressiveness. However we often use other types of media or combinations of media such as shot, garnet, glass bead, and even walnut shells for our more delicate jobs! Our profiles include commercial blasting, Brush, Near White, and White blasting.

Our facility is equipped with:

  • (4) Manual Bays up to 65’ L x 20’ W x 15’ H
  • (3) Automated Blast machines allow for quick turnaround and cost effective pricing.
  • Wheelabrator Rotating Table Blast (10’ Diameter Table)
  • 60’ Pass Through Horizontal Blastec (Opening accommodates 8’w x 1-1/2’h)
  • 150’ Pass Through Vertical Pangborn (Opening accommodates 4’w x 8’h)
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