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Heat Treating: Heat Treating primarily involves the heating and cooling of metals. The intention is to change both the physical and mechanical properties but keeping the same physical shape.

Heavy Fabrication: We specialize in heavy equipment fabrication and steel structure fabrication.

Transportation Services: We offer pickup and delivery transportation services up to 70,000 lbs. We also accommodate oversized loads.

Industrial Painting Services: Steelwind offers a wide range of high quality industrial painting services and coating services.

Build & Lift Capacity: Steelwind Industries is a large capacity Fabrication shop offering heavy custom metal steel fabrication services. For large parts in high and low volume runs.

Machining Services: Steelwind offers machining services to meet your needs. We can machine extremely large parts due to our 10-100 Ton lifting capability.

Abrasive Sandblasting: Steelwind Industries offers over 30 years of experience in abrasive sandblasting services.

Shot Peening: Steelwind offers a cold working process that is similar to sand blasting.

Steelwind Industries is a large capacity Midwest metal fabrication company. We are based out of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and are located in Oak Creek, WI. We offer the most extensive metal fabrication including mining equipment, tanks and architectural metal fabrication. We also offer machining, heat treating services, sand blasting and industrial painting. From raw processing to completed products. Steelwind’s experienced staff of fitters, welders, certified weld inspectors, architectural fabricators, heat treat operators, blasters and painters can handle all of your project requirements. All under one roof!

Local Giving Campaign

Steelwind supports community charities SteelWind proudly supports our local community and non-profit organizations.
» Make a Wish Foundation
» MACC Fund
» American Cancer Society
» Wounded Warriors
» Children’s Hospital Toy Drive
» Treyton’s Field of Dreams.
SteelWind Industries is AISC Certified; IAS Accredited; NACE Certified Inspectors; AWS Certified Inspectors and ISO 9001 Compliant

7550 South 10th Street, Oak Creek, WI 53154
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